"Unleash your inner slob"

Probably an unfair quote to lead with from this book by Stephen Cotterell, but an arresting one. This book was a surprise; I thought it was making the case for reducing busyness and generally downsizing life. Which it was, but only partly. More than that, Cotterell makes the case for real fulfilment coming through community, as emerging from God. And more specifically a God whose substance is Love - the Christian God.Late on he mentions occasions where we land up "just killing time" - for example, hitting delays at stations or airports. Even if its just semantics, his suggestion to think of it differently, instead "redeeming time". And "time wasting" should become "enjoying time". One practical suggestion is to sit in a chair for a few minutes not thinking of anything, but being aware of your breathing. He suggests this as a way of allowing hidden thoughts out, as well as awareness of God to appear. A more orthodox Christian view would be to call this "meditation" and make it directly Christ- or Bible-centred. (To the point that the next book I'm going to read is on Lectio Divina - praying 'into' Bible passages.)I didn't find it amazing, but it's a new mixing of ideas, and should have something to say to almost anyone.

AuthorJonathan Clark