What the world really needs is another blog. With only 175,000 created every day, there is clearly a gap in the market.

Indeed. Still, a quick look at Mark Easton's new blog, made me subscribe. Here's how he describes what he's trying to achieve:

Since 2004 I have been BBC News' home editor, a title which has some strange consequences. I get sent samples of "premium quality laminate floor-coverings". I have been asked to review hammer drills. And offer opinions on Italian furniture design.But my interest and certainly my expertise is not in the world of interiors. In a way, it is quite the reverse. I try to look at Britain from outside, endeavouring to make sense of the dramatic and rapid change affecting the UK by standing well back....What I want to do, (and what this blog is really about), is join some of the dots left by the dozens of stories we report each day. I want to understand our country, to see which direction we are heading in and what challenges lie ahead on our journey.

The one that caught my eye was his commentary on "So have we got our response to child sex abuse in proportion?" Unfortunately he ultimately ducks the question, but he does at least bring out the complexity of the debate.

AuthorJonathan Clark