'Vision' is just a short way of saying 'frustration'.

Just one of Steve Chalke's pithy sayings from Spring Harvest. He describes himself as being a visioneer, and therefore finds himself continually frustrated. Old friend Martin K describes originally got drawn into ordained ministry because he was frustrated at how he saw others doing it, and thought he could do better.So interesting that Jo's response to chatting and catching up with Martha and I was to comment "you seem very frustrated, Jonathan". More confirmation of what I've been feeling for some time: I'm not using my God-given gifts and talents in a way that's fully expressing who God has made me to be. Hence no surprise to find myself frustrated.That's the easy bit: the harder bit is divining what the next step in life is. And deliberately divine-ing: time to get seriously praying about it. And, I realise with some dread, that this would be a good time to practice some fasting as well. Hopefully this will help sort out which of many of my interests and motivations I should focus on. I hope to keep you posted ...(Added later: Steve Chalke's new book Change Agents covers some of this ground.)

AuthorJonathan Clark