I always expect it at Greenbelt, but I forget it might happen at Spring Harvest too: bumping into old friends or family. Last night I spotted Rob from work -- who I didn't even know is a Christian -- coming out of the Tim Vine gig. Today I bumped into Auntie Rosie, and then later managed to have a great couple of hours catching up with her and Dougie. Clearly important things are going on at their church in Lymington under Peter Salisbury, ably assisted by Sarah. We bump into them later on, plus Nicola and Roger (from LiveWires) and Toby (from school).All of this happened in the 'Skyline Pavilion' with its pretensions of being a big tent. (Which Tim Vine had caustically noted in a short interview make this a perfect place not to attempt doing any stand-up comedy. Which made for a surprisingly serious, and rather pointless interview. But I digress.)

AuthorJonathan Clark