Back at the start of the year I said I was going to list out my aims, but to do them over a shorter period of time. I decided to try quarters of the year, and here we are at the end of Q1 already.  So how did I do?  Being kind to myself, I'll start with the positives ...

Hit the Target!

Finance: reduce some non-essential monthly outgoings 
-- reduced by about £40 a month

De-clutter garage: reduce amount stored in garage noticeably, despite moving more CDs to be stored there 
— done

Sleep: on average get to sleep before half midnight 
— done, just

Fitness: have run 40 miles, and cycled 100 
— together more than reached the target, though a few miles short on the running target

Housework efficiency: improve efficiency by getting and fitting a separate tumble drier 
— done


read at least 6 books (and to help with this, reduce TV watching) 

— including Operation Mincemeat, Gone Tomorrow, Screwtape Letters, If You Meet George Herbert on the Road Kill Him, Mission Shaped and Rural, Flickr Hacks -- and very little TV

Musicfinish rating all my non-Classical albums, and sort out which really needs to live on my laptop, as I'm running out of space — done

Holidayshad a weekend away with Martha, book another weekend away, and finalise week's holiday with my parents — done

De-clutter house: get rid of old magazines from office, give away (or sell) at least 50 books and 10 DVDs, and give away (or sell) some old gadgets no longer used — done

Friends: spent quality time with at least 10 — done

Ministry Development: continue to work out future shape of potential ordained ministry with DDO — various good conversations with him and other local clergy

Theology: start looking at a few topics in-depth, and discussing with local experts — started

Good Progress

Family: support M and S to get healthier -- I'll say progress, as I'm not really sure how to measure this

Wider Family: seen our parents, grandparent, and most of our siblings (and our young nephews and nieces) at least once, and arranged times to see others later in the year -- seen all of them, but haven't arranged to see others later yet 

Not so much :-(

Prayer: continue to find ways of making this more of a "part of me" — I don't think I've really moved on here in the last few months

Health: get an updated cholesterol level — health check booked, but earliest possible date was May

Music: get playing the piano again (which requires selling the existing piano and getting a digital piano to replace it) — piano checked over and advertised but not sold. Have been loaned a digital piano, but really need to move the upright out before I can easily set up the digital one.

Vocal: have had at least one session with a vocal coach — not booked

AuthorJonathan Clark