Here are my goals during 2Q (April to June) 2011 ...

Personal Development

Fitness: have run 40 miles, and cycled 125

Health: ...

Music: get going with learning some jazz piano on the digital keyboard, now I can play it as late as I like without annoying the neighbours

Vocal: ...

Ministry Development

Theology: continue looking at a few topics in-depth, and discussing them with local experts

Prayer: ... 

Sleep: on average be in bed by midnight.

Leisure time

Family: support M and S to get healthier

Wider Family: seen our parents, and some of our siblings (and our young nephews and nieces) at least once, and arranged times to see others later in the year

Friends: spent quality time with at least 10 (ie, not just over coffee at church)

Reading: read at least 6 books

Music: properly sort out where all the CDs live

Holidays: had a weekend away with Martha, and booked another


House & Admin

Finance: ...

De-clutter house: get rid of @@@ from office, and 100+ old cassette tapes

Re-arrange offices: so that M can work downstairs, without getting in each other's way

To-do lists: Go through my two sets of to-do lists and cut down severely to what I really need to do, move some to 'someday/maybe', and delete the rest.


AuthorJonathan Clark