After the success of some earlier video loops playing subtly in the background of some of our services, I was challenged to find one for our upcoming 'Passion for Life' service. This 'Sunday Supper' at St. Matt's (warning: light snacks only!) will be themed with spring-time yellows and greens.We use the simple-to-use but cringingly badly named 'EasyWorship' software to display most of our visuals, and I knew their website now has lots of videos, stills and loops for sale. It turns out they're drawn from quite a few different video companies that specialise in this purpose.


I landed up buying 'Particle Vine 01' from Centreline New Media. (And whilst I was at it, I bought 'Starline Flurry' to replace the current Christmas-y one. $6 each.)Despite buying from them, I'm not that impressed with CNM. I scanned all their 200 or so loops, and almost all are too busy to go under powerpoint presentations or songs, as they claim. I will have to slow down the Flurry one before I think it would be usable, for example.Other companies include Pixel Girl Media, Shift Media, PowerPoint Sermons.Most of their loops suffer with the same problems, but Pixel Girl Media do show more subtlety at times, including various blue abstract ones, and Shift Media with Gold Concrete if it were slowed down.


Though in some settings this would be fine: for example 'White Confetti' would be great at the end of a marriage service.

AuthorJonathan Clark