After several years of being fed up with Speed Hosting, I've finally upped and left. It wasn't just their amateur approach to customer service, but the interruption to service that came too often, particularly to all the email to Martha and myself, which routes through their servers. So apologies if you've had odd or delayed responses to email recently … we had a 5-outage last week.So we're now with 5quidhost, who hopefully will turn out to be more inspiring than their name. They have very high ratings on some review sites (and not just ones from sites that turn out to be co-owned by the hosting service, like do). I like their realistic attitude to support:

We prefer to handle all of our contact with our customers by e-mail, and we use it in the way it was intended: Prompt, timely, informal and information-rich. With no pointless delays, and no impersonal machine-generated responses to your questions. In emergencies, we do have a number you can call ...

They also seem to understand Joomla and Drupal hosting, which could be important for the project I'm starting for CYFC. More on that another time.I was slightly dreading having to transfer account, email and the complete blog history between hosts. But a big thumbs-up to cPanel (the software that most web hosts use): they have the ability to create complete backups, ftp it to a different server, and then recreate it all at the other end. That possibly saved me hours of work.

AuthorJonathan Clark