This has got to be one of the craziest ideas in the world. Surely my finances are private to me. Why would I want to share anything of my personal finances with anyone else, especially someone I have never met on the Internet? Well this is where things are changing ...Zopa is a nice bank that doesn't have any of its own capital, but instead connects people together. Its been going a while and people seem to like it. Makes a change from all the negative stuff about banking. Maybe banking could be nice?I first heard about this form Reid's post over at The Bureau of Crazy, who it saw it mentioned in the film Us Now, which he urges people to see "if you want to understand what social media is doing to our society."So I checked it out, and it all looks good. You name the interest rate that you're willing to lend at, and then Zopa manage the rest, including checking credit ratings for borrowers, and chasing any defaulters if that happens. We've decided to give it a go and lend So now all I need to do is just need to get round to filling in the right forms ...

AuthorJonathan Clark