A quick techie note, to help others that would also like the following combination:using site-specific browsers (so you can have GMail, GCal or GDocs as separate 'apps' living in their own windows that don't get in the way of other browsing)using Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)wanting to use offline access to GMail, GCal or GDocsThe most popular SSB technology is Fluid, that itself uses WebKit as found in Safari 4. So far, Google haven't provided a version of Gears (the technology underpinning offline access) that works with Safari 4.But there is a workaround: use Mozilla's less mature SSB, Prism, and then hack around with the Gears installer following Westacular's instructions.Having finally found the solution to this particular issue, I'll probably find that Google produce a Fluid-compatible Gears in the next week ...

AuthorJonathan Clark