Last weekend I went to Cardiff to see U2 live for the first time. It was a great show, showing off the new 'Claw' staging, with 360 degree runway and video display system. Wouldn't I like one of those to play with?!The music mostly came from the most recent "No Line on the Horizon" album, but with some older material such as Sunday, Bloody Sunday and I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Of the new material, No Line on the Horizon and Unknown Caller stood out for me.There was hardly any 'preaching' from Bono, mostly leaving it to a short video segment from Arhbishop Desmond Tutu, who noted what had been achieved against the MDGs (etc) by help from ordinary people. And urging us to support the ONE campaign. The political note was to support Ang Sung Syu Chi in Burma.The Edge looked like he was having the most fun, though Larry liked getting freed from the drum kit for a song to wander around playing djembe. Adam looked serious throughout, and Bono managed to be both rock-band-lead-singer energetic plus brooding, all at the same time.Overall, a fine birthday treat -- thanks, Martha!(Note to self: either the signposting to the main Park and Ride for the Millennium Stadium is bad, or the P&R itself is woefully inadequate. We landed up parking on a verge near County Hall. Not a great choice, as itt took over an an hour to get back to the car this way. There is free on-street parking in central Cardiff only 15 mind walk away, said my neighbour in the stadium.)

AuthorJonathan Clark