Total Recall -- now appearing in real life, not just movie theatres. Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmell from Microsoft are exploring storing the totality of Gordon's life experience digitally. All phone calls, emails, documents, receipts, and even pictures taken of each person he meets. It goes by the name MyLifeBits, and a book is coming out soon on Gordon's experiences at was covered on a tech podcast recently, and Gordon says the best thing is that means he doesn't have to rely on fallible "biomemory" any more; he can leave it all to the more trustworthy "eMemory". You just need to make sure that you've got good tools to bring it all together and make it searchable ... and that's really the focus of the research work.But one surprise was just how little storage this has taken. Gordon's been 100% digital since 2002 and that has only needed 250GB of storage. OK, this doesn't include video, but that doesn't seem very high ...One to keep an eye on, if I don't forget ...

AuthorJonathan Clark