I saw a great little part of Bristol for the first time yesterday - St.Nicholas' Market down near Harbourside. Simon had taken Martha there before, but it was my first time, as we took him out for lunch. In feel its quite similar to Camden Lock market area in North London, with indoor and outdoor stalls. Being a Greenbelt Festival regular, spending time each year looking around the many stalls that pitch up there, many of these looked quite familiar.Eating out with a dog in tow isn't that easy, so its partly=outdoor food stalls were a big help. We had some good (but not cheap) Moroccan plates, washed down with mint tea. After eating we browsed around for a short while, focussing on a second-hand CD stall, where I took a chance on a Mingus jazz album.The other find came from a piece on Channel 4 news on Friday: that there's a Banksy exhibition on in Bristol's City Museum and Art Gallery. We didn't have time to visit it immediately, but we will before it closes on 31st August. Incidentally there's a virtual tour of Banksy's art in Bristol - his home town.

AuthorJonathan Clark