Yesterday we went to a presentation by holiday firm Club La Costa, bribed by some free M+S vouchers, and a possible cheap week's holiday in Spain.The pitch the company were making was relatively simple, and quite attractive. (The details of this pitch aren't relevant for this post, but I'll explain if interested.) But I was close to walking out at several points. And I probably should have done.Unbelievably the salesman and his manager assigned to us dodged getting Martha a glass of water for 15 minutes, despite three pointed requests, and a water cooler being visible only 8 feet away. They were clearly under instruction not to leave the table we were sat at, and so had to wait until the 'drinks person' came round. Unbelievable. It was over an hour later that we were given drinks as a matter of course.Second, they asked for 2 hours. In practice I don't think any of the 10 couples left before 3 hours, and we were there nearly 4. They could easily have covered the material in just 2 hours. But despite pressing him to get to the point, the salesman wasted a lot of time at the beginning on his make-nice-pally shtick, which really wound me up. Particularly as any answer I gave to a question he then repeated parrot fashion. Said salesman then thought it was a good idea to challenge me that I was being unhelpful. Nice.When asked how long various stages were going to take, they kept saying "2 minutes" or "10 minutes", when they knew full well it was going to take longer, as they go through this routine up to 10 times a week. As a result we severely inconvenienced Simon and another friend we were going to be spending the evening with, both of whom really didn't need us being late.And finally Club La Costa it is wearying sitting through the childish need-to-get-the-Sales-Manager-over routines. If you don't know your product or script, why are you still in the job?

AuthorJonathan Clark