I've been the very happy owner of the slightly updated iPod Touch for a few weeks now, so I thought I'd review how it's gone so far.However, it seems Apple is behaving badly, making life very difficult for would-be developers of apps to run on the iPhone/Touch. There's bnen plenty of discussion about ..., but now it seems that even rejections from the App Store are now covered by NDA. So some developers will now invest in the tools, spend many days or months struggling to develop something, have little ability to test it for real on a iPhone, submit it to Apple, have it rejected (maybe without a reason why), and not be able to tell anyone else about the whole process. Seriously, Apple, are you trying to put people off writing for the platform? I've not yet seen any convincing comment on why Apple are acting in this way. (Probably no surprise, given so much is covered by NDA.) This view is echoed by Dan Moren.It will make it particularly difficult for small outfits, or hobbyist developers, to run the risk. Larger corporates will better be able to stand the risk. But still, is this any way to drive innovation?You must have a reason, Apple, so please tell us.[Edit: Between me writing this and me posting it, Apple have loosened the NDA somewhat. Good, but still no real reasoning why they did it.]

AuthorJonathan Clark