Continuing the rather random nature of Greenbelt life, here are 3 other things I or we did.Firstly, some ethical shopping, picking up a very nice cotton shirt for me from From the Source. Apparently all their items come from Laos using natural dye techniques.


Next up, I listened with Alister and Heather to Rt Hon Douglas Alexander, Minister of State for International Development. Quizzed by Simon Mayo, and a few from-the-floor questions, he didn't get to cover aid/development much, other than to say it must be about the only ministerial job where lots of foreigners continually say "thank you".He was mostly making the case for people to be involved in party politics at local level, arguing that the letterbox stuffing was the necessary local component of national-level politics that can and does land up making a difference in this country and abroad. I wasn't completely convinced by his arguments.But I did see the question about Scottish independence (and other nationalist movements) in a new light after one of his comments. He pointed out that core belief of Nationalists must be that they believe they're better off apart from some greater country. In our time, he continued, surely this sends the wrong signal. WIth a shrinking planet through globalisation and facing planet-wide issues, the imperative must be to work together not try and be separatist. It's a similar argument that he uses to support Europe - better to work together on things that will affect us all.


And, last, but no means least, we listened to Philip Yancey affirming that with faith you should also expect to find times of doubt. All fairly standard stuff to me, but he is a very able communicator. And here's a silhouette of him speaking just for the sake of it ...

AuthorJonathan Clark