Time for Sunday's update.After the damp communion service, I stayed swaying to the beat of the Bombay Baja Indian Brass Band as they played in the Arena. Very funky rhythms, and catchy tunes. No wonder they've played all across Europe.


I listened to Aradhna play again, this time lying on the floor in the Centaur with Martha. Some wonderful wonderful music, this time from their 5 piece (which added tabla and female vocals to guitar, sitar and violin who I heard yesterday). Their website says:

Aradhna means worship. The group captures the beauty and dignity of india's bhajan devotional melodies with music that blends east and west.

This is what Greenbelt excels at: reminding us how narrow our view of Christianity often is, and showing what else is around. There must be millions of Christians (Anglicans even!) in India and around that region who no other than music with some of the same flavour.


On a completely different note, the culinary find of the festival was the distinctly upper crust pieminister: pies served with posh mash, gravy and/or mushy peas. My favourite was the "PM Pie", which was their name for a steak and kidney pie. Yum yum. So much yum yum that we decided to buy some fresh ones to stick in the freezer at home to enjoy later. We had to promise (according to their website where you can also buy them) to "to love your pie, enjoy him, cherish him and above all cook him properly".

AuthorJonathan Clark