We don't often go to the cinema, though we do watch a lot of films at home, through the NetFilms postal service. So it was a bit of a surprise to go 3 times last week to 2 different CineWorlds. And Martha made it 4 times!


Mamma Mia was the draw for her 3 times -- yes, she found it that fun. I went one of those times, and we also saw Wall-E together. Strange to say, I found them quite similar films, as both had strong rom-com notes. Though byeond that you have a chick flick musical, and a piece about the dangers of consumerism and lack of environmental thinking. But both were hugely impressive in their own way, and the quality of Wall-E's CGI was a real treat.I also saw The Dark Knight with S, which was trying to be more serious, but the cod psychology from the characters didn't make sense all the time. Still, some good performances, though Heath Ledger and most of the others weren't as good as some were claiming. Heath was great - but only at one mood, and didn't really vary it.

AuthorJonathan Clark