From Digital Nomads And The New Workforce:

[Inspired by reading The Economist - The New Oases - Nomadism changes buildings, cities and traffic.]We have all become Digital Nomads. Able to work wherever we're feeling most inspired (as long as there is wi-fi). I wonder how the masses will deal with this? Is it possible to just show up and grab any desk in an office building and log on (there are many companies that have this as part of their corporate culture already)? How will in-person, team collaboration dynamics be affected? What about the overall dynamics and vibe we get from going to our offices?

I saw this on holiday, having saved up about 500 blog posts to read. None of us are working in the normal sense, though Emma is closest revising for her A2s. So many times already we could have used WiFi, and it feels like being on a fast not having any internet access. To the point that we're heading to a nearby hotspot later today, primarily so Emma can send/receive emails from her teachers about her revision. I'll also use the opportunity to look up details to help me with some designs I have in mind, as well as following the links on some of the 50 or so blog posts that sufficiently caught my eye to check out properly.If this is what we feel like on holiday, how much more so must it be for knowledge workers? If I was mobile much more, then I could see myself getting mobile broadband, even at the lowest possible rate.

(Via Six Pixels of Separation - Marketing and Communications Insights Blog and Podcast - By Mitch Joel at Twist Image.)

AuthorJonathan Clark