One of the many archive boxes in the garage held old christian reference books that we were less likely to need in a hurry. Martha wanted some sketches for her placement, so this provided the incentive to dig it out and have a rummage through. We've kept half, and most of the rest I'm going to donate to the library at church (and see if I can interest them in using LibraryThing as a usefully public catalogue). But there a difficult few that I can't imagine anyone being interested in any more, because they are too dated. For example the almost-non-PC title of "Sex and Young People". It feels sacriligeous to throw a book away, but that's what I had to with that and a few others. Please forgive me, bibliophiles of the world!I'm definitely getting more into the philosophy of de-cluttering your life to de-stress. So, despite buying another dozen second-hand books 2 weeks ago, getting rid of this box means the number of books we have is shrinking. If you're not scared of big numbers, then read on ...Our LibraryThing profile shows we have 823 books catalogued, though this reduces to 750 if you take out the ones we've only had recommended or have given away, and add the ones I've not yet catalogued.

AuthorJonathan Clark