It's time I wrote up some recommendations of new apps I've been enjoying or getting good value from. Some are improvements on existing apps, and others, like the first two I'm going to mention, are really new concepts.

It is truly a first-world problem when you find you have an iPhone or an iPad, and you want to read or look at something on it from your Mac laptop or desktop, or vice versa. Or even if you want to send something between iPhone and iPad. For example, looking up map directions on the laptop, and then wanting to send the map or start the turn-by-turn directions to the phone to actually get you from A to B. Or you're reading something on one and you want to finish it when out and about (move it to the device) or on a larger screen when you get home (move to the laptop). Or you've looked up a phone number in an email on the desktop, and you want to just start calling the number from your, err, phone. (That thing I just occasionally do youth my phone.)

These are exactly the problems that BeamApp solves. Running as an app on your iOS device, and a always-running application on the Mac, simply copy the web page URL, or address, or piece of text, select Beam, and the name of the other device you want to send it to, and hey presto! a or two second later its opening the same web page, or starting the map directions, dialling the number, or has dropped text into the clipboard ready to use.

It's still pretty much a first version, and I've made some suggestions and bug reports to the developers, but I still use it most days. The iOS app is free, and the Mac app is £1.99 or so. For more details, including a video demo, see the BeamApp website.

AuthorJonathan Clark