Continuing my other most useful apps (but not ones I need every day) …

  • Spanish is a very hand free app for anyone visiting a Spanish speaking country. It gives lots of handy phrases for travellers, and can also play recordings of them to help the linguistically-challenged. There are other apps in the same series covering other some other European languages.
  • Translate is Google's amazingly simple and effective way of translating between many different languages (not just to or from English). For the more popular languages it even has an option of speaking the resulting phrase. It does need an internet connection to work its magic, but that's the only cost.
  • Traffic Info is a quick and comprehensive way to get traffic hold-ups. Its already saved us hours of inconvenience, and worth much more than its free price. The HA Traffic app is also free but not nearly as good, but I keep it as a sign of faith in the 'official' Highways Agency team: we need to encourage government departments to keep innovating in their service delivery models.
  • UK & ROI is unusual: a satnav app that's very cheap compared to TomTom and its ilk. It stores the maps, so can be used in places without a good signal. It's not got the quality of the "big boys" but I have it as a backup in case I get lost and don't have other maps or satnav options available.
  • AroundMe does a simple job well. When in a place you don't know, or know well, it tells you where the nearest petrol station / pharmacist / hospital / pub / visitor attractions and so on are, and then helps guide up to them. It's been just what we needed a few times when needing to avoid tailbacks and we've diverted off a main road, and needed for a place to stop for a drink while the traffic cleared.
  • BackToMyCar probably needs no further explanation, at least for those with iOS made in the last few years which have GPS support.


AuthorJonathan Clark