Before January disappears completely, I must write down my goals for the year.  I did this for 2010, but this year I'm going to think about smaller periods for the goals.  Doing it across a whole year I found didn't give as much focus, particularly in the start of the year.  Doing it month-by-month feels too often, and doesn't allow for some longer-lived goals.  So, I've been wondering whether to go for 3, 4 or 6 months.  If only because a year's "quarters" are more natural to talk about than "thirds" or "halves", I'm going to go for 3 months.

So, by the end of 1Q 2011 ...

Personal Development

Fitness: have run 40 miles, and cycled 100

Health: get an updated cholesterol level

Music: get playing the piano again (which requires selling the existing piano and getting a digital piano to replace it)

Vocal: have had at least one session with a vocal coach

Ministry Development: start training for Cheltenham Street Pastors (if accepted), and continue to work out future shape of potential ordained ministry with DDO

Theology: start looking at a few topics in-depth, and discussing with local experts

Prayer: continue to find ways of making this more of a "part of me" 

Sleep: on average get to sleep before half midnight

Leisure time

Family: support M and S to get healthier

Wider Family: seen our parents, grandparent, and most of our siblings (and our young nephews and nieces) at least once, and arranged times to see others later in the year

Friends: spent quality time with at least 10 (ie, not just over coffee at church)

Reading: read at least 6 books (and to help with this, reduce TV watching)

Music: finish rating all my non-Classical albums, and sort out which really needs to live on my laptop, as I'm running out of space

Holidays: had a weekend away with Martha, book another weekend away, and finalise week's holiday with my parents

House & Admin

Finance: reduce some non-essential monthly outgoings

De-clutter garage: reduce amount stored in garage noticeably, despite moving more CDs to be stored there

De-clutter house: get rid of old magazines from office, give away (or sell) at least 50 books and 10 DVDs, and give away (or sell) some old gadgets no longer used

Housework efficiency: improve efficiency by getting and fitting a separate tumble drier


That sounds like more than enough to be getting on with!

AuthorJonathan Clark