I don't think any part of the business of flying somewhere is fun. Unless you're lucky enough to be on the flight deck, or on a helicopter, that is.After the hassle of packing, and the nagging “What I have forgotten that I'm going to regret?” doubts, the next hassle is actually getting to the airport. The only decent option is a chauffeur service door-to-door, but that's not an option for most of us. Getting a train or a coach normally adds quite a long time to the journey, particularly if changes are involved, and a long walk lugging luggage. Going by car adds the stress of possible hold-ups, and being late. And then getting a place to park at anything less than exorbitant rates, and an uncomfortable journey in a shuttle bus, adding another 10-30 minutes to the journey. (And on the way back, trying bleary-eyed to find your car in the mass of others.)So when we came across Stress Free Parking on our last holiday, we thought we ought to give them a go. They cost more than long-term self-parking options, but much less than a door-to-door chauffeur. But they are pretty much like a chauffeur around the airport. You drive up to the terminal, and within a few minutes -- even at 05:20 -- someone has materialised who you hand your car keys to, and then forget all about your car. (And, yes, for American readers, this is just a Valet service. But it ain't nearly so common over here.) On the way back home we waited less than 10 minutes for our car to appear by the terminal (and that was only because we were last off the plane, and had to wait less than 2 minutes to get bags off the carousel).Stress free? Almost entirely. Recommended.

AuthorJonathan Clark