The Times have published their list of the 100 Best Films of the Decade. We watch a lot of films, so here's a challenge.First off, we've not heard of the top film Hidden (Cache), but between us we reckon we've seen about 30 of the rest. There are a number of non-English films, which is good, but we're not keen on having to read subtitles for long, so that mostly counts them out.With a bit of thought, I'd have expected to see Michael Clayton, Blood Dimaond, Shrek, March of the Penguins, The Last Samaurai, The Prestige, Wall-E on the list. And, it might not be a film, but the best TV drama from (part of) the decade must be The West Wing.But this list is a great reminder that we should get round to seeing Lantana (91), In the Loop (81), Monsters, Inc. (71), There will be Blood (63), Syriana (40), Man on Wire (23), United 93 (19) and of course Hidden (Cache) (1) despite it probably having sub-titles.

AuthorJonathan Clark