Following up on my recent post about Paul McKenna's diet, have you heard of flexitarianism? I hadn't either. But that's a name that's being put to the idea that we'd be better off going veggie until supper. Perhaps the largest argument is for ecological reasons, to help reduce cattle-produced greenhouse gasses, which should help reduce global warming. And it may help our health, too. More people are suggesting that our bodies aren't designed to process as much meat as rich Westerners tend to have, and that we should take more to the Oriental approach of meat once a day (or less).Mark Bittman's new book, Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating makes the case for this, and is apparently well worth the read.I'd been meaning to find some more varied and healthier options for lunch than my usual high-carb meat sandwiches. This has prompted me to try having soups, noodles, and rice-based meals instead of those sandwiches. I went to the local Chinese supermarket to get some noodles, but I now realise I don't have the facilities at work for cooking most of their noodles. Even finding a microwave is hard. Perhaps I should try to find healthy Pot Noodles, where you only need a kettle ...

AuthorJonathan Clark