So with much sadness we've reached the last few episodes of the seventh and final series of the The West Wing


. Simply the best show I've ever watched, it has sizzled with energy, pace, wit, dialogue, tension, great characters, interesting (if sometimes far-fetched) plots, and occasionally great pathos. More than a few times I've lain awake at night re-running the story through. But end it must, and we're seeing it a fitting time ... with the lead up to the inauguration of the first of a new style of president promising change ... in both the series and in real life. Bye bye Josh, Donna, CJ, Toby, Leo, Jed and crew. We'll miss you.(Aaron Sorkin created the West Wing, and then went on to write the one-series Studio 60 on the Sunset Boulevard, which I have blogged about before. That was the closest to the brilliance of the West Wing, compete with enormously long and challenging tracking shots, and multi-way concurrent dialogue.)


To avoid feeling too bereft in a few days, we've already started watching Brothers And Sisters - Season 1


which D+A have kindly lent us. Nowhere near as smart as the West Wing, and with some more far-fetched plot devices, it is entertaining. And less demanding to watch at the end of a long day. Also recommended.

AuthorJonathan Clark