In the last 6 months I have run 50 miles, in 7.5 hours. Not that much really, and it only lost me 4,500 calories. My average pace was 9 min 20 a mile -- which is only a paltry 6.4 mph.


I hardly think this qualifies me to call myself a runner. I've not landed up being bitten by the bug, or entered races, or noticed a difference in my fitness level, but at least I've not injured myself. (Perhaps I'm lucky, as I don't really understand what sort of warm-up and the all-important warm-down I should do.) But what does make a runner? If a writer is just someone who regularly writes -- whatever the quantity or quality -- then perhaps I am a runner. Perhaps I'll settle for now to call myself an "intermittent jogger".What do you think makes a runner?

AuthorJonathan Clark