She was delivered yesterday, after a long wait. Martha and Emma are very excited, with me less so (at this stage). We've given her pretty continuous company so far, and she gets fractious when we go away for too long. But she didn't sulk too much when we get guests round for lunch, and we had to shut her outdoors.She tips the scales at 5 stone, so is rather large. And she already has grey eyebrows. But she does appear to be house trained, which is a big help. Confused enough?Maggie is a rehomed 7-year old English Cocker Spaniel, who needed a good new home and lots of exercise. Hopefully she will get us all out more to the Park for some exercise.Photos when I can get her looking relatively awake. Most of the time she is flopped out on the floor, recovering from her last walk.

AuthorJonathan Clark