We thought we should try some sushi at some point, and walked past Grand Ichiban Sushi at 345 Adelaide St West at a hungry point. We were impressed with the Bento that we had, and how it was presented. I don't think we had really graduated to proper sushi with this - certainly everything was cooked - but it reminded us again how great miso soup is, and that we need to find the ingredients when we're back home.We then spent a long time in Lorne's Coats - a store simply selling women's coats, with lots of enthusiastic and helpful staff. Recommended, if that's what you need - at 101 Spadina Ave.Less good was discovering that the Ontario Art Gallery is shut for redevelopment - only after we'd walked there. Still, it will clearly look rather special on the outside when its ready in November. Bit late for us, though.

AuthorJonathan Clark