As predicted by everyone, the Falls at Niagara are amazing - they should be one of the wonders of the world. Also as predicted, the area has turned into rather a tacky resort, but most of it can be ignored easily. The place I reckon is good for the American psyche - with the views and falls themselves better on the Canadian side. Lots of photos, but here are just 1 of each of the falls ...


We can confirm that Niagara-on-the-Lake is a great spot, very popular it seems with honeymooners. Lots of posh boutiques and restaurants. We stayed in the Kia-Ora B+B, which felt better than all the hotels we've used so far. Lovely decor, very friendly hostess, and a gourmet breakfast. 5 stars!


It also hosts Jet Boat Niagara, which takes people on boats up the Niagara River to near the Falls, over a number of rapids. Not as white knuckle as expected, but still good fun, complete with a few exhilarating fast 360-degree 'Hamilton' turns.

AuthorJonathan Clark