After a really needed good night's sleep, we headed quite late to Copley Square to Trinity Church, via Finagle a Bagel for breakfast. This is an Episcopal church, who use the Book of Common Prayer and take their high choral tradition seriously. (Several anthems in the service, plus an pre-lude outside the church, and a post-lude after they processed out at the end of the service.) A clear and appropriate sermon on forgiveness, and some spot on prayers, including for all the church leadership up to and including Rowan Williams. We couldn't tell whether this was a church that sided more with the stated positions of Rowan Williams or their presiding bishop, Kathleen Schori.Just a minute's walk away we then went for lunch at Skipjack's, where we'd earlier spied they had a Jazz Brunch on. A lovely seafood meal followed, listening to a local group playing some laid-back standards, with attentive service from Thomas Braxton, our waiter. I mention him because he's a part-time actor, with has two movie appearances that IMDB knows about. He ought to be able to get work as a Will Smith double; probably less satisfying, but better paying.We're still managing to make this a Starbucks-free vacation. But we're amazed at the number of people of all ages carrying their Starbucks take outs around the streets, and even into other (fast food) restaurants to consume there. There's a cultural difference.

AuthorJonathan Clark