Greenbelt has started :-) Here's a very small part of the 500-strong queue for the first session I went to (a panel discussion on "What kind of church is emerging?"). It was an authentic Greenbelt experience: long queues, damp grass to sit on, thankfulness that I'd remembered to bring a mat to sit on, different accents from the panel (German, American, Northern Irish, London, Manchester ...), some insights and some disagreements. But they were pleased to have disagreements, because it is there that they find deeper reflection and growth tend to come. Not unlike our Bishops were finding in Lambeth's indaba groups perhaps?


Later I heard the Indian-inspired music of Aradhna in the CMS tent. Simple, it also struck me as complex and soothing at the same time. I'm going to checking out their CDs ...


My evening finished with a Marimba Recital by percussionist Gerard Rundell. He played a mixture of traditional and modern marimba music, as well as throwing in a snare drum piece and one for drum kit. Impressive stuff, even if sometimes the musicality suffered under his speed of sticking.