We do enjoy playing Scrabble, and normally take a travel set away with us. But the games are long, and we weren't sure whether we'd have the concentration for it. So I was thinking of alternatives, and remembered playing Racing Demons with Rachel and Phil, and having a lot of fun. I dug out some rules, bought a pair of packs with different coloured backs (most important) and we gave it a go. It took a few minutes to get the rules, as there are 4 different groups of cards in play which you can do different things with. But halfway through the first game it felt easy. We played 20 hands or so, and Martha roundly beat me. Despite that, it was still fun. Probably more so - and certainly would be more frenetic - with 3 or 4 players. And a large enough table to play it on!It's also called Pounce and Nerts, by the way. Another recommendation :-)

AuthorJonathan Clark