The food at the Mayflower last night was good - Set Menu D worked well between the 4 of us. The conversation - at least about health - was more challenging than expected. In particular I learned that

  • in any meal only the first 20g of protein can be absorbed by the body - ie, less than an ounce of a steak or of chicken is going to help us; the rest is going to wasted
  • 4 cups of green tea a day is supposed to be the equivalent of losing 200 calories - and good at clearing out some toxins
  • most obvious forms of gym exercise (weights, treadmill) or even at home (sit ups, press ups) are very specific to just a few muscles, and often more exterior ones. It's more important to get the 'core muscles' sorted out, and the rest follow. Less rigorous stretches are what you need for that. So, the Chinese workers who gather for gentle exercises before work starts, seem to be onto a good thing

I think I need to do some exercise and find some green tea ...

AuthorJonathan Clark