I've listened to a few more talks-on-MP3 from Greenbelt 07 that I missed at the time. Pete Rollins' Faith with/without God:towards a heretical orthodoxy was a rollercoaster of a ride. He delivered it in a fast, breathless way with sudden diversions and some sudden lurches ("I don't believe 100% of what I say either"). He said up front that (in effect) as a continental philosopher (whatever that is) it might be a hard ride; and, yes, afterwards I was left feeling a bit thrilled and queasy at the same time. I think his message could be summarised as "God is the ultimate reality" so questioning God's existence is a waste of time. But I couldn't be sure how to persuade others of this, or what difference it should make.Prof Keith Ward has completely different on Is Religion Dangerous?. Fast-paced and more analytical, it is still an excellent listen. He carefully took a hatchet to some of the arguments of the so-called 'New Atheists', particularly Richard Dawkins, who he knows from his time as Professor of Divinity at Oxford. I learned a good deal ranging from why Logicians will never be able to "prove God", to how some particle physicists are bringing God into their thinking, to why almost no wars have been fought for religion, and that atheism is a clear contributory factor behind Stalin's purges. Highly recommended.

AuthorJonathan Clark