I'm kicking myself. I posted a short thought about the Golden Compass movie, but then I've read 2 other bloggers on it. Both have said things I realised or thought, but was too lazy to push through into words. And they've said it better than I would probably have done. Clearly I need to work much harder on my writing, which is part of the point of this blog.Kester Brewin at Signs of Emergence says:

I think that Pullman is more interested in critiquing the 'power religion' exemplified by historic Catholicism and institutional Anglicanism. ... If we try to protect our faith from criticism like this, we seal it from the tricksters, and prevent it from being refined. If we truly believe it, we should allow our children to see the film, and trust that the truth will out. ... I hope the God believe in is more robust than that.

And then someone else pointed out how some of the intrigue and suspense in the beginning of the book is lost, as the film starts with a voiceover fully explaining the nature of the daemon/souls. 'Tis a better example of how the book is superior to the film.

AuthorJonathan Clark