John made an interesting observation last night. He said he didn't like getting tied in to weekly/biweekly/monthly commitments that could go on for years, preferring shorter-term commitments. That rang bells with me, as most of what I've done in the last year has been more like a project. Formal projects have a start and end when a particular objective or outcome has been reached. Mine haven't been that formal, and most have some form of continuing or sustaining activity, but they don't repeat each week/month. These have included the prison chaplaincy visiting (3 months total), the visual system upgrades, and the occasional preaches. These have felt easier to work on. Is this because I can't finish things, or because I get bored with things? True to some extent. But I think the larger reason is that I want to see some outcome from my time and energy, and it's harder to see this when something's a very regular activity. Is this a good enough reason?

AuthorJonathan Clark