Emma's busy taking driving lessons, and we hope that she'll have passed her test earlyish in 2008. At that point we want to buy a second car at that point so she has one she can use. But this raises some important questions ...Is this just following the herd? We went down to just 1 car soon after we got married, partly to be more green, partly to save money, and also because it would encourage us to walk more. All of which it has done, and we'd happy with that. So are we being anti-green? (And what colour would be the opposite of green?)Then what sort of car to get? Given that its much more likely that prangs and accidents will happen in the first year or two of driving, it makes sense to get an old banger for a few hundred quid. But these don't tend to have got very good crash safety ratings. So do we get a secondhand car with good safety but at 5 or 10 times the price? Or do we go more expensive still, insure it well, and aim to have that as the replacement for the estate when we no longer need that?

AuthorJonathan Clark