In case the question was in doubt - after all Bishops and Priests/Vicars/Rectors/etc. are people just like the rest of us - a read of Bishop Alan's blog should provide enough evidence. The latest one I enjoyed a lot from him was Dry Sermon Displacement activity for the Postmodern. This finishes:

... if the sermon, er, failed to shine, people used to amuse themselves by turning to the back of the Book of Common Prayer and reading the Table of Kindred and Affinity wherein whoseover are related are forbidden by the Church of England to Marry Together.... But cheer up! Help is at hand! Here is this autumn's Must-Have, the Hymn Book iPod Case. Whatever makes you look rapt, from Montiverdi to the Clash, you can turn those vales of misery into your own personal well in Church, without looking anything less than the Trendy Geezer you are. Magic!After the case this year where a lady was done for listening to her iPod whilst wearing a hijab in the jury box during a criminal trial, I don't recommend these for Bishops. But then we don't need it, because we never get bored in Church. So that's OK.

Sarcasm too!

AuthorJonathan Clark