Couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd get up and do some recycling and shopping as Sainsbury's opened. Turned out I wasn't nearly the first in store, with 20+ cars there before me.Anyway, en route I heard Jeanette Winterson on [Radio 4's Saturday Live]( talking about [The Stone Gods]( (sounds good), by way of obsession with laundry, which she attributed to being a Libra - just like Lady Macbeth. Odd from such an intelligent woman! Particularly as she noticed that no horoscope ever mentions cleaning or the laundry ...I was pleased to find a cardboard recycling point at the Sainsburys there now as well. Means we should almost avoid going to the main 'tip' at all. Just embarrassing that despite the plastic bags in the boot to re-use, as usual I forgot to take them into the store.

AuthorJonathan Clark