Thought I'd try out the **[Autolink]( plugin** for the blog. According to its very brief documentation, it can tell automatically link to movies by adding a [movie]...[/movie] pair.Hmph. Can't get it to work :-( It complains that my Google API Key isn't valid. I've only just got one, so I don't know what's going on. I got a Base API key; maybe it needs to be a particular API key :?: I'll have a look at the code ...So, AutoLink is using the Google SOAP Search API, which is now deprecated. It's been replaced by the Google [AJAX Search API]( But this appears to specifically stop the programmer from getting at an individual search result easily. You can "clip" things, but that produces HTML fragments that need embedding, which I think would be rather difficult to integrate. At least given my current knowledge of writing WP plugins (which tends to zero).

AuthorJonathan Clark