Arrived in Boston, having that feeling as the plane grew ever closer to the bay that I hope there's land around here somewhere. Thankfully there was a runway just a few yards from the water's edge, but of course I couldn't see that look sideways out of the plane, until we were right over it. It made me wonder why the seat back displays couldn't show the picture from a video camera mounted by the pilot? It later turns out that this is done on at least some airlines. With so much else of the AV entertainment systems on planes having a complete overhaul in the last few years, why is the map tracker display still the same as about 6 years ago? Talking of AV I was pleased to see Tord Gustavsen Trio on the list of CDs you could play. I listened to that in between seeing House of the Flying Daggers and Ocean's Thirteen.Ate with the rest of my colleagues at a seafood restaurant overlooking the harbour. Not actually much to look at, apart from the wonderful warm tone from the setting sun. Almost more noteworthy was that we managed to walk there from the hotel, given how rare it is to find a 'sidewalk' that goes anywhere useful. Shows that it's a compact city.2 frustrations at the hotel: first that the internet connectivity costs $10 for 24 hours, despite this being a fairly expensive hotel designed to host conferences. Marriott now don't charge for WiFi, and many smaller places now don't charge, so why here? Second disappointment was that I couldn't skype to Martha for some reason, despite the phone handset showing it was logged on at home. I wondered if the hotel was blocking VoIP, as it must hurt their income from phone calls, but I could make a call out OK to skype's test number. So I don't understand what's happening, which is never fun for a techie.

AuthorJonathan Clark