Worked at the conference from 0700 to 1900 with only short breaks to write emails to the church leadership team.  Lots of good opportunities to talk to the people who know the product inside out, including an impromptu hour with the Product Manager discussing future direction.  They're giving away 5 small beta systems to customers that can think of interesting new analytics to run on the platform - I put forward one idea which I hope will make the cut.Sat through two 'keynotes'. Not sure why they called this, and why you can more than one. Surely keynote will just come to mean 'presentation' if more and more get called this?  Anyway, the in-phrase from the President appears to be a variation on "thought leadership". Several times he said he would help us by "leading our thoughts" on such-and-such.  My first reaction to this was negative -- I don't want to be told what to think -- but then I realised that he was effectively in marketing mode, and "leading our thoughts" is a pretty accurate description of what marketing tries to do.he evening event was held in the old round brick Cyclorama still showing its brick walls and floor.  They did manage a party feel pretty well, with food, rock music, and lit mainly by the glowstick bands that we were wearing round our wrists.  The point of the evening, however, was the Wii and PS2 consoles to play on.  I guess there were a dozen of them to go round, but most people weren't too bothered whether they played a lot.Yet another keynote!  This one from Susan Arendt on modern gaming.  Thankfully she was short as the acoustics for the PA were horrible in the round room with almost no absorptive materials.  She basically extolled the Wii concept, rightly pointing out that most people don't like video games, as they take a long time to learn, and make you feel dumb in the process.  Nintendo went for this huge market, but didn't realise what a massive hit they were going to have.  With most people and their mother able to pick it up *and have fun* within 5 minutes of picking up a Wiimote, no wonder the average length of time that a Wii console has sat on a store shelf is *4 hours*!As well as the Wii Sports, I landed up playing Guitar Hero as well, which is like Donkey Bonga but for rock guitar wannabees.  Took me a song or two to get my coordination, but it then got quite fun, particularly when you could whammy on for extra points.  Playing with Susan I was a long way from a good score, unlike Susan who then racked up a perfect one. Sigh.  However, I have the consolation of knowing she earns a living from playing these things, and has 30 different types of console lying around her house.

AuthorJonathan Clark