With Emma now safely in Malawi, we thought we should see if we could go back to just using one car. After all we managed with one before she started driving lessons. So I SORN'd the Fiat, which was an easy online operation at the DVLA. I've also applied to get the rest of the year's car tax repaid. Stopping the breakdown cover was also easy, but it was more complex for the insurance. Given the hassle of insuring a car, and that she might want to be driving again in 4 months, we thought we'd see if we could get the insurance 'hibernated', reactivating it later in the year. But no, Admiral wouldn't do this for us, so we had to cancel it entirely, and pay an admin charge for the privilege (grrr).Still, overall that should save us nearly £600 on insurance and tax, given we had a teenage named driver. We'll see if it gets us to walk more than before ...

AuthorJonathan Clark